The Black Album IV


After many talks I succeeded with landing a shoot with the beautifully talented, Jennie. We had the day partly in burning sunlight and inside with a single light lit. This is the second, and indoor, part of our time together. Finding significance in the dark shadows and the burning light.

Model/Mua: Jennie Jessen (Modeling by JJ)
Photographer/Retoucher: Karsten Dahl, ShotByDmansir

Location: Heatherhill, Denmark
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 100mm + EF 24-105mm

Light: Single Light Bulp

“We spent the day partly outside in the burning sunlight and partly inside with a single light lit”

The Black Album IV – March 20223

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An independant photographer and retoucher working out of the Copenhagen area. Doing mainly commercial, fashion, portraits and editorial work.

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