An independant photographer and retoucher working out of the Copenhagen area. Doing mainly commercial, fashion, portraits and editorial work.

Published in Elegant Magazine with Argilla Bianca in 2016

This is personal

I grew up just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. From early on I started photographing everything that caught my eye. It did’t matter if I  had a SLR camera or a pocket camera – I just had to get it on film. And I haven’t stopped shooting since. In 2013, I started focusing on commercial, fashion and editorial photograpy. I really appreciate both the creative process of constructing an idea as well as all the interesting and diverse people I get to meet.

I love searching for those special flickering moments in both movement and expressions. Those small perfections that makes you stop and pause. Not perfectly constructed. But perfectly breathtaking. Perfectly inspiring. I aim to capture both attitude and deep deeply sated emotions. But most importantly, I aim to make the people I work with feel at ease, to make for an easy going, laid back working environment.